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John Ebdon, (says the back cover of my treasured copy) is a man of many parts.... a keen observer of his fellow creatures (having) a devastating ear and eye for the ludicrous.  Writer, broadcaster and Astronomer... known to millions on Radio 4...A Grecophile.. his wit and distinctive dark brown enjoyed by millions...who never realize that he is also the Director of the London Planetarium, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, ex-RADA scholar and a graduate in English Literature.

He also speaks Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Middle English and Swahili.. Obviously likes a laugh. Read this!!

Ebdon's Odyssey: Author: John Ebdon.
Publisher: Trafalgar Square.  ISBN 0 43204020X  Published 1979.
Source: Out of Print.  Try your local library.  Second hand book stores.

Alternatively: The book is available as an Audio Book.  6 tape cassettes or CD.
Title: Ebdon's Odyssey: Complete and Unabridged. Author: John Ebdon.
Publisher: ISIS Audio Books.  ISBN 1856954455 Published 1995.
Price Around 33 GB Pounds.

Ebdons Odyssey:
The Review.

One of my favourite books about his experiences of living on Greek islands is called 'Ebdon's Odyssey` written by one time radio presenter and author John Ebdon.  It is a comedy.  Bar none!  Before we my wife and I retired, living in the UK and dreaming of a life in Crete, I read some of the book each night before going to sleep.  It took several months of nightly hysterical laughter, and a lot of persuasion at the local library not to recall it, to reach the end!  It is SO funny....  My wife swears that she looked haggard at work every day because of John Ebdon's Odyssey, and that when I fell asleep each night the book, being held above my head, crashed into my face.  And also that when she tried to remove it I half awoke saying "eh, I was reading that!" before going to sleep, still smiling, while she remained awake.  If you are going on holiday take it with you, but don't bank  on getting much sleep! This is the original.  The very, very best if you like a laugh.


Note: It is my belief that John Ebdon accidentally started a cult - there are now so many books written about Crete, several in the humourous vein; some more autobiographical with added humour to keep your attention; or on the theme of "I fell in love with unspoilt Crete" that we have almost reached the stage where the expatriate battle cry seems to be "Buy (or rent) a house - write a book!"  Nevertheless, there are some good reads out there which are well worth your time and money.